Essential Tips That Will Save You from Hangover
Essential Tips That Will Save You from Hangover

Do you still remember how much you let loose a wedding, stag party, social gathering, anniversary or holiday event? Majority of people drink modestly and responsibly because they know they have other charges, need to drive a car or don’t want that dreaded hangover case.

However, let’s face it, most of us thought to select happenings by the time we are less overboard. You will find countless events that require overindulging like holiday season. Some of you get up close with their toilet seat while some would like to feed the floor of their bathroom with dinner yesterday.

These are just some of the many, which simply buzz in the new year along with buzzing headache “Ugh, never again!”


What is A Hangover?

– Hangover is the thing that is caused by too much combination of toxic by-products subsequent to the metabolism of the alcohol and this event, the toxin here is acetaldehyde and it is not a good feeling.

Added to these are depletion of vitamins B, A and C, dehydration and carried about by the chemical actions of the alcohol into your body. Furthermore, you are now experiencing the effects of that mild overdose of this depressant drug at the same time your nerves in a state of hangover are just responding to it.

Therefore, in addition to all the stated above, you will feel low and feel depressed as well. It is very stressing to deal with hangover, those throbbing headache, aching stomach as well as sore muscles. Probably, the kids at this time will get their own meal and the dog will take care of himself for a walk.

Probably, everybody will whisper the whole day while you get well. Or perhaps, just perhaps, there is a better concoction, which will luckily take all that pain away.


Why don’t you start first by avoiding hangover? Following are some of helpful tips you can use.

  • Before you start drinking alcohol, make sure that you eat supplements, foods or fruits that are rich in Vitamin C or Vitamin B. Food inside the stomach will prevent fast absorption of alcohol within the bloodstream.

  • Do not combine different sort of drinks. Combining different sort of drinks along with different level of sugar and alcohol content will certainly upset your entire system.
  • Drink lots of juice and water before you go for a night out of fun and festivities. Keep in mind that alcohol dehydrates your system at the same time water will aid you prepare your body for any sort of overindulging.

  • Don't take any kind of alcohol or medication before drinking. Most of alcohol and medication do not mix and this can lead to serious health problems.

  • It is a widely known fact that the age, gender and body size has a lot do along with how your whole system manages alcohol. Individual with more weight and bigger frames could absorb more amount of alcohol while younger ones tend to tolerate this more than those older people do. In addition, men are more likely to tolerate alcohol compare to women although they have the same weight or height.

  • Choose yourself to be the designated driver. Keep alert and wake up!

So after understanding how to take preventive action on how to prevent hang over, you are now set for the party. Let us say you forget all the Don't Drink and Drive Rule and you are allow yourself to be drunk, perhaps you will be whining tomorrow about your hangover.


What Can You Do after You Get to Your Home and You Do Not Remember to do Hangover Prevention?

  • The first thing you need to do is not to drink alcohol. It is a general belief that drinking too much will calm the system and putting more into your body is not a very good idea.

  • Drink more water. Keep in mind that water will be the cure hangover, as it will dilute all the alcohol into your bloodstream.

  • Throw up. Throwing up aids your system to eliminate alcohol content that hasn’t been absorbed to your bloodstream.

  • Take some drugs. Some cure to counter hangover are drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen and acetaminophen, which have already brought a real success. There is at all times a danger of mixing alcohol and drugs, thus, you must consult first your doctor prior to taking some of these remedies.

  • Drink coffee first thing in the morning. Drinking coffee will help relieve tiredness, boost your alertness and lessen aching muscles. Did you know that caffeine tends to rejuvenate the body and lessen headache?  In addition to that, coffee is diuretic and must be combined with more water. However, do not drink coffee before going to bed, as this will not allow you to sleep well at the same time wake up in a bad shape.


What are the Evidenced Based Best Hangover Cure or at least make them considerately less severe?

  1. Drink in moderation or if possible not at all You are aware that the harshness of hangover raises with the number of alcohol consumed. In this case, the best way for you to prevent this is not to drink at all or to drink in moderation.The level of alcohol required to generate a hangover depends among individual. Some individual might only need one or two drinks, however most individual need much more. Around 23% of individual just don’t seem to get this kind of disease no matter how much alcohol they consume.

  2. Have a Drink the morning after Curing a hangover thorough having another drink is quite paradoxical however, it can be good hangover remedy for some.

  3. Get enough sleep Even though poor sleep does not have much to do along with hangover symptoms, it might contribute to the irritability and fatigue often linked with hangover. Therefore, having enough sleep after drinking could help your body to recover.


Everybody knows that we should not drink too much, however if we want to prevent or to cure hangover faster, the above tips will certainly help you and work fast!

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